• Your Faith

    Your Faith

    All divine messages, which the prophets brought to their people, called to the worship of Allah alone without associating anyone in worship with Him and to reject all false deities. In fact, this is the exact meaning of the testimony of faith through which one enters the fold of Islam by pronouncing it.

  • Your Purification (Tahaarah)

    Your Purification (Tahaarah)

    Allah I commands Muslims to purify themselves inwardly from the sin of shirk as well as from diseases, such as envy, pride and hatred, of the heart and outwardly from dirt and all kinds of impurities. Once they do so, they become worthy of His love, as the Qur’an states, “Allah loves those who turn to Him constantly...

  • Your Prayer

    Your Prayer

    The prayer (salaat) is the very foundation of religion and a ‘link’ between a servant and his Lord, hence its exalted position as the greatest act of worship in Islam. Almighty Allah commands Muslims to observe it under all circumstances—whether they are residents or travellers, sick or in good health.

  • Your Fast

    Your Fast

    Allah I commands Muslims to observe a strict fast for one lunar month every year, namely, Ramadaan, which is the fourth pillar of Islam. As the Qur’an states, “O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you, just as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous.” (Soorat Al-Baqarah, 2:183)

  • Your Zakaat

    Your Zakaat

    Allah I has enjoined zakaat  upon the faithful, making it the third pillar of Islam, and warned those who do not pay it against severe punishment. Indeed, He links brotherhood of faith with sincere repentance, offering the prayers and paying the zakaat, as the Qur’an states, “Yet if they repent and establish regular prayers and pay ...

  • Your Pilgrimage

    Your Pilgrimage

    Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Makkah, is the fifth pillar of Islam. It is an act of worship which not only involves the heart but also requires physical and financial ability and must be carried out by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so once in his lifetime.  As the Qur’an states...

  • Your Financial Transactions

    Your Financial Transactions

    Islam has laid down all legislation that takes into account man’s interest, protects his professional and financial rights, whether he is rich or poor, creates a close-knit society and helps develop it in all aspects of life.

  • Your Food and Drink

    Your Food and Drink

    Permissible (halaal ) food occupies a magnificent position in Islam, for it causes our supplications to be answered by Allah and makes Allah bless our wealth and children. Halaal food is lawful food that is acquired by lawful means, without wronging anyone or encroaching upon anyone’s rights.

  • Your Dress Code

    Your Dress Code

    Clothing is one of the countless blessings Allah I has bestowed on mankind, as the Qur’an states, “Children of Adam, We have sent down clothing to you to conceal your private parts and as adornment for you; the garment of piety is the best of all garments. This is one of Allah’s signs, so that people may...

  • Your Family

    Your Family

    Islam attaches great importance to the family, encourages its adherents to lay its foundations and protect it against anything that may harm or destroy it, for a good family paves the way for its members to be good and, by extension, society at large.

  • Your Moral Character

    Your Moral Character

    Far from being superfluous or trivial, noble character and good manners are part and parcel of Islam and are related to it in all its aspects. Indeed, noble character occupies a lofty position, which is obvious in all its rules and regulations, and the Prophet r was chosen as a messenger to perfect high moral standards.

  • Your New Life

    Your New Life

    The very moment a person embraces Islam is doubtless the greatest moment in his life, for it signifies his real birth through which he has come to understand the real reason behind his existence in this life and the manner of conducting his life according to the dictates of this great religion of Islam.